Ong Kian Peng is a media artist based in Singapore. Working at the intersection of art, technology and the environment, Ong creates immersive and reflective environments that offer alternate visions and imaginations of our relationship with nature.

His works have been exhibited in spaces such as Tainan Museum of Fine Art, Singapore Art Museum, Total Museum Seoul and festivals such as Siggraph Art Gallery and FILE Festival Brazil. Ong graduated from UCLA with an MFA in Design Media Art. Currently, he runs, an independent art space focusing on emerging and experimental art practice.

  • Projects

A walk up Pearl's Hill

Fragmented Dreams

Flood Helmet

Kampong Tenggelam 

Acoustic Territories


Rescue Operation(s)

Turn Coder

Within 140 Characters

Misty Isles - Memories of the Land

The Face Daily

Rainscapes Imagined