Acoustic Territories

PLA, microphones, video, sound, custom software, aluminium print


Sovereign Asian Art Prize,, National Design Center

Acoustic Territories is a study on the spatial qualities of soundscapes. Created during a residency in Paris, the project's starting point is a question, "How does a snapshot of sound look like?" To begin investigating this, an instrument was created to simultaneously record 12 directional amplitude levels with a custom array of microphones. This instrument is built in the form of an icosahedron, with each microphone on its vertices.  

The instrument is used in different architectural spaces in the city of Paris to capture sonic snapshots. Unlike a photo, the microphone captures 12 sound samples from different directions at one time, providing a directional dataset.

Sonic snapshots are taken all over Paris in Spring 2015 and used as materials to generate sculptural forms as visual representations of the sonic spaces. These images often reveal a surprisingly unique sound signature and offer a deeper understanding of our everyday environments.

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